The Event

November 11, 2017, in Chicago – Come join us!

The Sexuality and Relationship Educator Skill Share is a one-day event created for emerging educators – people who have taught a class (or a dozen, or even more) and who want to engage, learn, network, and grow with each other in a peer-supported, collaborative environment.

At its foundation, SARESS strongly believes in the following concepts:

  • Sexuality & Relationship education is critical to the development of stronger, more self-determined, and more authentic expressions of love and intimacy.
  • In order to be most effective, education must come from a diverse range of people, so that learners can see themselves and their experiences mirrored in the lives of those that educate them.
  • There is no single “ideal path” to becoming an educator; whether through formal education, learning-as-we-go, or any one of a number of other life paths, all people have the ability to educate others. Every person has something to share, and every person has something to learn.
  • There are many barriers that contribute to a lack of diversity among educators; in order to create a truly diverse and representational spectrum of educators, we must seek to eliminate as many of those barriers as possible.
  • People who want to teach should be compensated for their time, energy, and work in a way that is fair and meaningful to them; only in feeling that our work is respected and appreciated can we bring our best selves to our work.

SARESS Event Format

In order to create a temporary community of educators, we’ve built the event to take as much stress off of attendees as possible, allowing each person to fully engage throughout the day. As such, we request that all attendees be present for the entire event.

The day begins with registration and a chance to enjoy some coffee & tea prior to the beginning of the day. Throughout the day, we’ll offer three “core” classes, taught by a diverse group of educators, to offer their own takes on a topic around education that is passionate for them – and useful for you! We’ll intersperse these with a twist on the “open space” concept, offering attendees the opportunity to teach mini-classes that help other attendees in their efforts to become stronger, more authentic educators.

Lunch is provided, right there onsite, so there’s a chance to connect with each other outside of formal class times. Ditto for breaks – we’ve built longer breaks throughout the day to give everyone ample opportunity to talk, share ideas, and make friends.

After the event wraps up, we’ll give you ways to stay connected through email & social media groups, so that your learning community can become a network of peers and friends that can sustain your work in the months to come!

Registration & Attendance

Registration for the next SARESS Event is now open!

The registration fee is $25; this rate includes the full day of events, and includes a simple lunch (vegan & gluten free options are available). Attendance is limited to 40 people; once that number has been reached, we will begin a waiting list.

If the registration fee is out of your budget, please email us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to make it work – we have need based scholarships available to attendees to help ensure that the event is within reach of as many people as possible.

Additionally, if you can afford more than the basic ticket price, you can register as a “supporting” attendee for $50; your additional contribution will go towards our scholarships as well as bump up the compensation for our presenters.

Location: Private location in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Within one block of multiple bus lines, less than a mile from CTA stations, and with options for paid and free parking within blocks, it’s easy to get to from most anywhere in Chicago. The space itself is wheelchair accessible.

What to bring: Your preferred form of note taking (notebook, laptop, tablet, phone). Business Cards or Calling Cards, if you have them. Personal comfort items (chair cushions, water bottles, etc.). Extra cash to add to the tip jar to help say thank you to our breakout session leaders, if you’re able.

Guidelines: Please, no alcohol, smoking, or vaping inside of the building. To help those people with sensitivities, please abstain from wearing fragrance (including essential oils) while at the event. Please wear comfortable attire. Rules of active, enthusiastic consent apply to all interactions throughout the day.


We believe that every person has something to share, and at our event, we’ll offer attendees the chance to do exactly that – share & participate in the event’s success.

Break & Lunch Times will be great opportunities for each of us to network with each other, ask follow-up questions, brainstorm ideas, and make connections. Since lunch is included with registration, you won’t need to go offsite – you’ll have a chance to make yourself comfortable with peers and let the conversations inspire you.

Breakout Sessions are a unique way that the event will support (and honor) attending educators. These one hour sessions are open for YOU to talk about a topic surrounding education that you’re passionate about – whether it’s how to get your name out, or how to adjust or update your language to be more accessible, or how to research your topics, you’re invited to submit your name for one of these time slots. If you’re interested, simply sign up after registering, and you’ll be notified two weeks (or earlier) prior to the event. And because we believe that all educator’s work is valuable, we’ll pass a “tip jar” throughout the day, and split the donations among all of our breakout session educators.

Contributing to the event is also important – we want to make sure that everyone feels valued, and a part of the event, without creating a “volunteer” group of people that do the work so everyone else can relax. We expect that every attendee will clear their own trash, move their own chairs (if they’re able), and assist each other throughout the day.